About Us

Eoorja is a unique breed of startup venture aimed at establishing and producing electric RVs using new generation of EV technology which should help us significantly reduce weight of RVs and at the same time give additional space for storage of power units as well as a way to charge batteries “on-thego”. 

Our team has a production manager from Proterra , an electric bus mfg and a design engineer who built the Nickola truck prototype . We have a good team to source the people needed and start production one yr after testing our prototype. Both these team players know the sources to purchase product from as they have done it. 

We will start small and train personal to make sure we don’t have the same problems tesla is having with quality, its always said quality is job one

The ricks are there but history as a guide shows us that we are in a period of an upswing and the retiring generation is not worried about money. There are more millionaires now than ever before People are still buying the new expensive sports cars, there are really only about 160000 world wide that can afford a 10 million dollar sports car they will never drive.. Our rv is at least something they can drive with less problems and worries than the fancy sports car

Investment Needs 
We are seeking a funding of $3 millions out of which most will be used for completing prototype, hire procurement & engineering team and start signing deals. This gives us cushion money to fine tune different permutation and combinations, run office, personal and source suppliers. 



Eoorja aims to make society and our environment more sustainable by developing the next generation of electric motors and technological innovations to accelerate the adoption of sustainable recreational transport. 


It is no brainer that “Disruption in EV Manufacturing will lead to large-scale & rapid adoption”. Greater power density, more manufacturing flexibility, and lower cost for electrical motors will be necessary to make electric vehicles appealing to the masses. Rapid battery cost declines, rising commitment from major consumers, strong policy support from state and local governments, and low operational costs (including discounted charging tariffs from utilities) have put electric vehicles (EVs) on track to pass gasoline-powered vehicles. At Eoorja, we can produce RVs with all of these great features and more. 

Target Market and Size 

Eoorja is playing in a multi-billion dollar market and intends to disrupt the RV market by reducing cost & complexity of the RVs while employing much superior technological innovations never seen before. eRV will mainly target the segment of “Baby Boomers” as we have witnessed explosive growth of the RV market growing from US $19 Billion to US $64 Billion in the last two years. This growth is from the boomers retiring at a rate of about 10K per week. Baby boomers have over ¾ of the money  and being retired want to spend it the generation has always been about see what I have, this rv product will fit the bill.