Today a class A motor home is a large bus  this is fine if you want to drive your apartment on wheels. The general public is not readily available to handle a large bus. Think of New York traffic at rush hour. There are over 500k class A Rvs on the road this yr driven by people not equipped to handle that much volume.

The product we are producing is an rv recreation of the GMC motor home from the late 70s. The difference aside from the outward appearance is that ours will be the first electric unit on the market. It will have a number of unique upgrades to make it stand apart from the current Rv class a marketplace.

Our product put a compact design on the road that handles and drives like a large car. Also the plus that its electric and helps to save driving costs 

Our design and solution to the large bus makes a smaller apartment But provides enough room for the retired baby boomers to travel in style

The current market for rvs especially the class a version has exploded in the last two yrs.. the market has been a niche market and very slow performing holding at a 19 billion dollar level. The last two yrs have seen growth  to 46 billion and the forecast is for a 90 billion dollar market

The reason for this increase in sales is due mostly because the generation , called the baby boomers are retiring. This generation has almost 73 billion population retiring at a rate of 10k per week. This generation still holds most of the disposable income and probably more as they are selling there homes.

So our product fits into the current rv market and targets the upper class baby boomers with money to spend. Our product is unique in the it was made to be only an rv, not a converted bus or a add on to a transit van. Also safety in mind by an rv that drives more like a car and is easier to handle for an older generation than a large bus.